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- Will PowerGuard products protect my equipment from a lightning strike?

- What are the differences between the PowerGuard (PG3701) and the Power Filters (CPF3500, CMP3901, and CMP3903)?

- Why do I need to use a PowerGuard when I have a Filter?

- I understand the basics but how does the PowerGuard Protect?

- How does the Professional Series Filter Protect?

- What load can the spike arrester and filter support, can I plug a multiple outlet Power Board into the device?

- I have an Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker on my house, why do I need anything else to protect?

- The electrician who installed my ELCB has recommended and fitted a Surge Protector on the distribution board and says that’s all I need, but having read the info on your website there seems more to it, what should I be doing?

- I have a complete Home Office with PC, and a new Flat Screen Monitor and Multi Function System; I have the Pro Series CMP Ultra 2 single outlet filter and originally connected my PC to that, what about the other equipment?

- Can I use a double adapter on the protective devices?

- I have a Note Book Computer that has an external AC/AC Power Pack and I was given to understand that I don’t need Power Protection, but a colleague had his Note Book destroyed recently while travelling. What can you recommend?
I understand the basics but how does the PowerGuard Protect?
The PowerGuard features a patented microprocessor controlled comparator circuit, which isolates power immediately it detects voltage outside a pre-set safe window (190VAC - 265VAC) and automatically restores power once power has returned within these safe levels. Uniquely the PowerGuard is not earth or amperage dependent making it ideal protection against Ground Surge from Lightning in lightning prone areas.

PowerGuard is recommended for protection of all appliances and equipment that are powered from AC mains power, reducing the risk of damage from Under Voltage (Power Sags), Surges, Over Voltage and Slow Average Fluctuations or Brown Outs.

PowerGuard also features a timer controlled delay circuit to ensure that power remains isolated for a minimum of three seconds, reducing the risk of Hard Drive Lockup in computers due to rapid "Off and On" switching of power.

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