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- Will PowerGuard products protect my equipment from a lightning strike?

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- I have a complete Home Office with PC, and a new Flat Screen Monitor and Multi Function System; I have the Pro Series CMP Ultra 2 single outlet filter and originally connected my PC to that, what about the other equipment?

- Can I use a double adapter on the protective devices?

- I have a Note Book Computer that has an external AC/AC Power Pack and I was given to understand that I don’t need Power Protection, but a colleague had his Note Book destroyed recently while travelling. What can you recommend?
Will PowerGuard products protect my equipment from a lightning strike?
While we have several testimonials related to complete protection from local area and apparent direct lightning strikes (where the protection was completely destroyed), we do not view this as conclusive proof of our ability to provide total protection from such events. The variables related to each incident, location, how the strike occurred, the path the strike took, can mean that the levels of energy actually dissipated by the protection is vast.

The energy of lightning is estimated to range in Giga Joules; it is unrealistic to expect that the energy dissipation rating of any Plug Product is likely to provide total protection against damage from direct or close by lightning strike.

In a properly wired installation, and with the right combination of Power Protection strategies PowerGuard Professional Series protection will significantly reduce the risk of damage to equipment from AC Mains power related incidents or induced surges from local area lightning strikes. Protected equipment may sustain damage from let through voltage, but the damage will be significantly less than unprotected equipment. (Note: Indemnity Warranty).

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